Wall Street is great at reinventing itself.  It’s not always great at doing the right thing.  We’re the antithesis of stereotypical Wall Street behaviors.  We put plan participants first and revolve everything we do around participant outcomes, so retirement can be viewed as a goal, not a burden. That’s the way it should be. 

Employer Retirement Investment Advisors, LLC (eRIA) is a nationwide, federally-registered investment advisor, solely focused on providing investment advisory services to qualified retirement plans and investment advice to participants in those plans.

Selecting investments and monitoring their performance can be a full-time job. As part of our service, as the plan’s named investment fiduciary, we appoint and monitor a 3(38) investment manager to assume fiduciary responsibility for the investment selection and monitoring, so you don’t have to be an expert in the investments. Having a 3(38) investment manager and named investment fiduciary provides robust isolation of fiduciary responsibilities with your providers, giving you more time to be the expert in your business.